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NO DAPL Protesters TAKE The Fight To The White House via TeleSurTvEnglish

To fight environmental racism, “annihilation by the corporations,” hundreds of NO DAPL protesters took their fight to the White House and marched in protest to show that no matter what they’d continue to resist.

The binational tribe Tohono O’odham (people of the desert), declared a resistance against the wall that President Donald Trump intends to raise on the US-Mexico border, transcended today via LatinPress

Settled in Sonora and Arizona, the tribe affirmed that it will not allow the wall to violate its customs or against the flora and fauna of the region, which they consider sacred.

Also known as ‘pimas’ or ‘pápagos’, the ethnic group was divided in 1853. The greater part was in Arizona where they inhabit about 28 thousand indigenous.

On the Mexican side, about three thousand who share customs, spirituality and mysticism, says the newspaper El Universal.

The main meeting points of both reserves are in Sonora, where they meet in late September and early October in Magdalena de Kino to celebrate their religious festivities in the San Francisco Xavier church.