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Original Post: Una Fiesta que merece la Habana  (A party that the Havana deserves) via Granma

There are few festivals according to the demands of a public hungry to know live the many trends of contemporary international music.

However it is quite common to see how these are organized on the Island with a poster with some jewel, but the media do not go into the grid of the event to fully discover the potential of the artists involved.

That said, it is time to get rid of this Gypsy curse and begin to deepen, in this case, the program of a forum like Havana World Music, which has brought important artists in recent years and now comes with the Norwegian band Madcon as headliner.

Havana World Music will be celebrated from the 23rd to the 26th of March in the Metropolitan Park and in the Cuban Art Factory.

Hence we deliver from Carretera Sonora some tracks to move between the horizons of a program that brings more than a revelation, especially for the music followers that moves away from the currents put in fashion by these homes.

Madcon is a rap duet with an energy that rests on the African roots of its members and allows them to take in their shows live where Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam achieve a clear and engaging result. The lineup rose from alternative settings in Norway to the most established scene in the Scandinavian country with its single Beggin ‘, which was released on local radios

And reached several peaks in European countries, prompting some critics to overflow their enthusiasm by calling them the “OutKast New”, that band that started as the good new thing on the American rap scene but eventually took some resources to Use of the show business.

The Madcon, that is all, did not feel very motivated by that qualification and got off the train claiming that their music was something different. Marking that much from the middle court, they have put several hits in the lists and they return to the Island with a consolidated work and a scenic projection in which, as will be seen, fight for their soul.

Prior to his landing, the duo urged Cubans to, say, be sparse at the concert. “Wear T-shirts because we’re going to make them sweat with our music. It will be a trip for the different musical genres and we will return all the energy that has always transmitted us this country “, the members of the duo threw their enthusiasm to warm the atmosphere before their passage through the Island.

From Colombia will arrive Solar System and with them will be armed a tremendous party with cumbia and Colombian folklore as sound track. Two ingredients are not despicable when you want to extend the night to the rhythm of a music that heats the body better than a drink of vodka in Moscow’s basement.

The Solar System opened the color palette of cumbia thanks to the ingenuity to bring to the power the imagination and the talent of some artists with diverse sound tributaries, from the electronic music, the rap and the traditional Colombian music. The band has several discs published and did not advance any message for Cubans, because they want to take Havana by surprise with a good Colombian rumba that has no record in the Island.

The international agenda of the festival includes other line-ups that are well worth discovering “live”. The grid is completed by the French Lindigo, Mexican Dubwiser (Mexico) Nightlosers (Romania), Nomadic Massive (Canada), Speed Caravan Trio (Algeria / France), Lady Moscow (Norway) and Wesli (Haiti / Canada). According to the organizers, led by M Alfonso, we must also focus on Lindigo, a band that, apart from its mix of electronic music, plays a captivating show with theatrical performances and traditional instruments. So Havana World Music will provide along with its intense plot of good music an artistic platform in which it seems to fit (almost) everything.