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Why SAHIC Cuba

SAHIC Cuba will be the first Investment Conference related to hotel business, tourism and related projects that will take place in Cuba. In the very place where the events happen. In the tourist destination that is growing the most in the world in the last three years and that will definitely continue to grow during the years to come.

Tourism Figures

• Cuba received 4 million tourists in 2016 and achieved 34.7% growth in the last two years.
• From the US, a whopping 613,000 visitors arrived in Cuba in 2016, 329,000 Cuban Americans and 285,000 US citizens (74% more than in 2015), making it the second largest Cuban market behind the historic leader, Canada.
• In the first two months of 2017 the arrival of US visitors increased by 125% compared to the same period of 2016.
• In the first quarter of 2017, there was a growth in the total number of arrivals of 15% in relation to the same period of the previous year.
• Our projections estimate the arrival of 4.8 million tourists in 2017, which means an increase of 18% in relation to the previous year.






Post By @CubanWindow + WIF: Cuban News Agency + Related: Cuba will be at the 28th Lisbon Tourism Fair

Cuba will host for the first time the South American Conference on Investment in Hotel and Tourism (SAHIC), to be held on May 15 and 16, an ideal space to promote the portfolio of opportunities Of the Island in the smokeless industry.

According to the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) announced Thursday, the event based in the capital Hotel Meliá Cohíba will be a great meeting for those who wish to develop business in this strategic sector for the Cuban economy.

The event will establish relations with the main industry leaders: groups and hotel chains, investors, banks, architects, interior designers and representatives of governments in the region, according to the press release.

According to the statement, SAHIC organizes the most important tourism and hotel investment conference in Latin America, constituting the main promoter of business related to the industry in the area.

Presented at the XXXIV International Fair of Havana, FIHAV 2016, the portfolio of opportunities in Cuba includes 395 projects, of which 110 are promoted in the tourism sector, currently the most dynamic in the national economy and the second source of foreign exchange for the country.

Given the growing number of vacationers to the island, there is a project to build up to 2030, 120 thousand accommodation capacities, of which 30 thousand are predicted to be made with foreign investment, according to official sources.

This year Cuba expects to receive 4 million 200 thousand international visitors, 164 thousand 423 more than those accounted for in 2016.