Post By @CubanWindow + Recommend to Read: Helms-Burton Law: Current and renewed. By Omar Pérez Salomón 

It is a supreme hypocrisy to fall backward with the recently published allegations about the US national security agencies  espionage. Sincerely the breaking news of the big press are already provoking nauseas with its opportunistic rhetoric.

Chapter I  / Section 115 / March 12, 1996 / President William Clinton / Helms-Burton Act (a platform that continued the aggressive policy developed by successive US governments.):

“Nothing in this law prohibits duly authorized research, protection, or intelligence activities carried out by law enforcement agencies or US intelligence agencies.”

So, the intelligence community of the United States operates with the open support of the laws of this country and the espionage is only reprehensible when it affects interests in our backyard.

A mixture of repulsion and shame leaves us speechless.