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“El chupa refrescos” – (The sucks soft drinks ) 

El Chuparefrescos (1)


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WIF: National Museum of Fine Arts

Inaugurated officially on April 28, 1913 the building, still not considered as a Museum, exhibited mainly donated paints, also with a little of the archeology, ethnography, archives, natural history and furniture of the time  as a multipurpose museum formed by a blurred set.


The impulse of the Revolution of the 59 led him to reach his profile of Museum Of Fine Arts.

Around 2001 becoming a great complex where a new historical building of the city, the old Asturian Building, began to harbor the foreign collections.

This expansion of the public is a valuable opportunity for experience and artistic interaction with a heritage that not only speaks to us from the past, but participates in the construction of the present culture, and with that, in the future.

In this fantastic site you will be able to attend concerts, conferences, audiovisual projections, presentations of books, workshops and exhibitions.