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Original Post: Obama, Cuba and the three seasons by Enrique Milanés León on CUBAHORA

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A year has passed since Obama visited Cuba, and a year later, much of what he offered depends of his successor, while Cuba and his project follow the same line.

Just in March 2016 – the renowned American journalist John Lee Anderson said that with the reception to Obama, in Cuba the Revolution prevailed. Twelve months have gone by and they have done nothing more than give the reason to that colleague.

Certainly, Cuba remains calm, waiting for the relief in the direction of the country that decided by itself, without the aid of Washington, just for eleven months from now.

And from morning to night, despite a blockade that Obama’s smile did not lift, life continues between free schools, health at hand, science and conscience, assured work and success, error, success …, which are the bases Of any experiment of progress.