Excellent video, from Cuba that is transformed every day into something better than it already is and for which it is essential to count on its young people “… Of course I know what I am, of course I know where I am. A united heartbeat, multicolored, let’s go without fear, let the tide rise up, adding ideas, fighting rooster “

Post By @CubanWindow Via GEIC Business Group on YouTube + related:

UJC + WFDY + Casabe Group + Moncada Group + P.M.M Cuba (Por un Mundo Mejor – For a Better World) + Buena Fe Group + ICAIC ( Cuban Institute of Art and the Film Industry ), presented the video clip that will accompany the cuban youth union in their 55th anniversary.

Fighting Rooster (#Gallodepelea) its the name of the video + the theme, according the writers, show the unity, the energy and joy of the young cubans.

On Twitter & FB they will use the hashtags: #Cuba #SumandoIdeas #UJCuba55 to promote the celebration that the next April 4 will hold its national congress, a site of debate that promises to be interesting, controversial and promising in a Cuba that changes every day for the better and for which it is imperative to count on their youngs

The Union of Young Communists of Cuba (UJC) is the political organization founded on April 4, 1962:

  • Admission to it is voluntary and selective.
  • More than 300 000 young people and the projection of their work goes beyond its members because it is addressed to all the young population of the country.
  • Its main objective is the integral and multifaceted formation of the new generations.
  • Maintains relations with 218 organizations from different parts of the world and is affiliated to the World Federation of Democratic Youths –  (WFDY)
  • Develops links with 14 other international organizations.