Post By @CubaWindow

It’s a practice among the mass media of misinformation to use metaphors to promote half truths and fabricated lies.

For 3 weeks they have been punching a balloon -they have fabricated – and now stick patches on it so it can float.

According to our Google search:

  • For 3 weeks: The boom (or bubble or globe) of Americans travel to Cuba is deflated — Approximately 20,400 results in less than 1.42 seconds
  • Since yesterday: Cruise ships give oxygen to the boom (bubble or globe) of tourism in Cuba, which seemed to deflate —- Around 15,700 results in less than 0.63 seconds

And this is the trusted press that illustrates us?

Hey, don’t be lazy and look for alternative no-so-massive-and-self-call trusted-media !

At least you’re going to go the bed with the satisfaction of being better informed!