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  • Cubainformacion TV Original Post by Madeleine Sautié – Granma.- “Laughter is the salt of life,” wrote Rubén Darío in a text in which he associated goodness, sanity, crazy music and crystal clear water to that movement of the mouth and other parts of the face that denote joy.
  • Some Cuban sites of graphic humor: DEDETE + PALANTE

Cubans, blessed from their roots with a  very peculiar sense of humor, take advantage of this virtue even in the most difficult moments, a lesson in life that allows them to “Echar pa’ lante” (Keep going despite difficulties) even when the “la cosa se pone mala” (When things in the daily doing are difficult). So the jocosity is part of the cultural heritage of our neighbors.

One of its manifestations, the graphic humor displays in the island its maximum expression every 2 years,  during 4 days in San Antonio de los Baños, city and municipality of the Mayabeque Province, well-known like the Capital of the Humor to be the headquarters of the International Biennial of Humor since 1979.

The city hosts the first Museum of Humor in Cuba, unique in its kind throughout Latin America and treasures the first cartoons that were published on the island in 1848 as well as thousands of works by authors from different countries.

On the outskirts of this city has its headquarters the International School of Cinema and Television (to which we dedicate an article in our site)

The genre most represented in the biennial is general humor but political satire, personal caricature, cartoons and photography also enter the contest.