Original Post Spain is the destination of international sex tourism, but its press is interested …in Cuba?

By José Manzaneda – Cubainformacion.tv

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In 2003, the president of the United States George W. Bush launched an aggressive campaign against tourism to Cuba, trying to close the one that, at that time, was one of the few sources of income Liquid for the Island.

Today, with an annual increase of 15%, tourism is the fastest growing sector in the country and the main driving force for foreign investment projects.

A few days ago, it was the subject of a recent opinion piece in the pages of the main Spanish newspaper, “El País”, the “sexual tourism” in Cuba Curiously, Cuba  does not appear in the lists of the main destinations of sex tourism in the world, and Spain, where there are more than 1,500 prostitution clubs. But the Spanish press is committed to publishing works on sexual tourism in Cuba. Even on a supposed “child sex tourism” , although the island does not appear in a recent map on this subject, carried out by Unicef, which shows Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru as main Latin American destinations (fifteen).

Although US tourism to Cuba is still banned by blockade laws, in the last year the number of US visitors has increased by 74% , thanks to certain special travel licenses authorized by former President Obama .

This boom of visitors served certain media to launch, a few months ago, catastrophic messages about an imminent collapse in Cuba’s hotel facilities .

It is evident that the campaigns against tourism to Cuba have failed. But there are international media that do not fight for loss, and still try to tarnish the image of the Island as a traveler destination .

Events that would never be a news item if they occurred in other tourist countries, such as Mexico or Colombia, if they occur in Cuba are widely reported: the thymus to Spanish tourists who bought stolen tobacco ; Mild food poisoning of a Canadian visitor ; The complaints of a Brazilian tourist who, at the Havana airport, demanded that they be vaccinated; Or the frustrated wedding of two English tourists, due to a small accident in an island hotel , are some examples.

But, after a few months, the message of these same media has become … the opposite. Now we are told that the “lack of demand” has forced several US airlines to cancel their routes to the Island. Something that does not fit. Is there a “lack of demand” when the number of travelers has increased by 74%? Competition has simply been regulating the market and establishing which airlines are maintained in it and which are not.

Trying to sink tourism is one of the old dreams of the enemies of the Cuban Revolution. A dream that continues to crash against the reality of a country that, in contrast to other nearby destinations, offers international tourism a safe and hospitable environment, and an educated, conversational and informed population.

Stronger appeal than any press campaign


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