The image: The Cuban Buffo is a theatrical expression that arises after an extensive period of historical gestation in which elements as the philosophical, political and cultural planes gave account of the conscience of the nationality together with those that would conform their particular artistic form: dance , dramatic genres and modes of scenic representation. The black, the “mulata”, the Galician and the Chinese identifying the mixture of Cuban culture and heritage, Characters representative of the burlesque scene.

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  • “You’re more of a roll than a movie”

Talkers: say a lot and do little

  • “You are behind the wooden stick and asking for the last one”

You are clueless

  • “Ended as the party of Guatao “

Ended very badly

  • Chévere

very well

  • Give “candela” (fire) to the can

forward, regardless of the consequences

  • What a rice with mango !!!

great confusion

  • In the absence of bread take the “casabe” – typical aboriginal food, kind of biscuit-

if there is not what I want, I want what there is

  • Whenever it rains it escamp

it is not necessary to lose the faith

  • They left it in his hand

they surprised him, without giving him time to react

  • He flew  the fence

he did something remarkable

  • Put the “yagua” – leaf of the real palm used to make the roofs of peasant dwellings –

before the leak falls (to prevent)

  • Letting go carts and wagons

bear something

  • To the sound of a rooster

not so far

  • Sucking the tail to the “jutía” – Cuban mammal we have shown on our site –

getting drunk

  • The eggplant is buzzing

something extraordinary

  • Put between three and two

put it in a pinch

  • Take out the raffle of the “guanajo” -silly bird-

played the fool

  • Rows that do not sting

let’s go, there is nothing here to us

To be continue …..