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While ne New York will be enjoying excellent films produced in Latin America, in the Havana will open its doors, between April 4 and 7, the 16th Young Show of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC)

Chaplin Theater, 23 y 12 cinema, Titón Hall and the “Fresa y Chocolate” Cultural Cinematographic Complex will host the films

The special presentations include Patricia Ramos’s first work ‘El techo’ (The Roof), and the documentary entitled ‘La Habana del amanecer al anochecer’ (Havana from dawn to dusk) that abridged some multiple stories of one day in this capital as a result of a workshop taught by Polish professors.

Among the overseas guests are the Americans Maria Clement and Paul Federbush from Sundance Institute, and the Spanish Carlota Coronado and Giovanni Maccelli from Zambrano Productions, the latters will give a stop motion animation course.

Development / production / distribution of a short film project

As part of the activities of the 16 Festival, there will be a workshop about stop motion that will be taught by Giovanni Maccelli and Charlotte Coronado, founders of Zampano Productions, a Spanish producer of wide international standing and with a commendable trajectory in the Field of animation. The workshop provides a theoretical tour on the process of creation and development of stop motion animation, as well as the tracks for the promotion and visibility of projects with that technique.

Cuban cinema has established its undeniable contribution to the Latin American and universal cultural legacy. The ICAIC, Memoirs of Underdevelopment, Lucía, Santiago Álvarez and Juan Padrón are indispensable references for any moderately educated spectator who, anywhere in the world, decides to study the dynamics and contributions of Third World national cinematographies. Learn more about the history of cinema in Cuba from 1897 to 2012