Post By @CubaWindow


Does Twitter ease its use from anywhere in the world? Unfortunately, about Cuba the answer is NOT.

And not because the Cuban government constantly controls the publication of critical information that is published on this social network, as it is falsely disclosed on the Internet.

Neither Cuba is in the list of countries blocked by the network as falsely published the international press, the real reason is that from Cuba, it is very expensive to use Twitter via SMS, as the country is not on the list of mobile carriers Compatible with the social network.

For those countries, as Cuba, that do not have a short code to which messages are sent, Twitter sets long codes that can be used; therefore, Cuba can only use Twitter via SMS an unidirectional option, which allows to send messages that will be published in the profile but will not receive notifications in response.

Using these codes also provokes the charge of international message rates established by the provider. The international rate for sending messages from Cuba, established by ETECSA, is 1 CUC; This being the price of the message sent to the long code.

On the other hand, from Cuba it is impossible to download the Twitter application for mobile devices; because when you search the country code to add the phone number Cuba is not listed.

Trying to create an account from Cuba also it’s difficult, as Twitter requests by default to add a telephone number to ensure greater security of the account and this field should be omitted in the case of Cuba.

Finally, the number of verified accounts of Cuba on Twitter is very poor. Account verification is used to establish the authenticity of the identity of individuals and key brands on Twitter. In addition, it makes it easier for users to find the person they are looking for, taking into account the most wanted users in the fields of music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, the media , sports, business and other key areas of interest. In Cuba there are few verified accounts, but the Granma newspaper (@Granma_Digital) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (@CubaMINREX), which disseminate the Cuban Government’s opinion on domestic or foreign policy, have not generated interest in the company to validate them.