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The Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia EcuRed, which already exceeds 300 000 daily visits, is among the finalist projects submitted to a vote by the World Summit on the Information Society.


If you want TO VOTE for EcuRed here we leave the necessary steps to do it:

1 – Open the website
2 – Click on the option VOTE
3 – When deploying the page go to the end of this one to register in this site. Click on the CLICK HERE option and fill out the registration form.

4-When registering, the site sends a confirmation by email.

5 – When registered, the link sent by email is opened and you enter the username and password with which you registered.

6 – The page of the voting is displayed. You should click on the box No 3 that corresponds to category number 3 (C3. Access to information and knowledge). Then find the name of the Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia and click on the vote for the proyect box .

The voting time is from 30 March to 30 April.