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Cuba stands out as the safest place to visit by Americans, compared to other popular tourist destinations near the shores of the United States. This is revealed by a study based on official data compiled by the web data world , which can be consulted and downloaded at the following link

Travel warnings for Americans are issued when the State Department wants the visitor to “consider very carefully whether to go to a country” for reasons such as “unstable government, civil war, intense crime or violence or frequent terrorist attacks.”

The study compiled data from the Department , which also tracks the incidence and causes of death of Americans abroad, and leaked the warnings that had been issued for natural disasters. He then classified countries based on the number of warnings issued against them between October 2009 and June 2016.

According to the travel website cubajournal.co , the Caribbean nation was not tagged with only one of these warnings in that period of time.

Data.world used this data set to identify countries where North American travelers are most likely to experience danger to their lives while visiting or residing abroad.

For the period taken into account, Cuba records only two deaths of US citizens, as well as France and Canada.

In total, 1,356 murders were recorded abroad. And only one country, Mexico, accounted for 50% of those deaths.

Alt Data World

It should be taken into consideration that more than 20 million Americans travel to Mexico every year, more than any other country.

Here is the number of Americans killed in one country per 100,000 US travelers, using data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, excluding any country that received less than 100,000 US visitors between 2009 and 2016.