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Note: It would be great if the contents in this excellent search engine also appeared in English. For now only – in – spanish …

A version updated from the platform network C.U.B.A. was developed by Search technology © Orión.Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas 2017 celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Union of Young Communists of Cuba.

The platform allows you to  link with sites of interest such as:

  • in the platform you can find
  • Ministries of the Republic of Cuba
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Provinces, Municipalities
  • Sports, Travel, Excursions
  • Health: Medications, Nutrition etc
  • Education: Elementary, Middle, Higher
  • Business and Economy: Companies, Cooperatives
  • Cuban youth
  • Formalities: Housing, Civil Registry
  • Government
  • Elections, Military, Laws
  • Social Sciences
  • News and Media
  • Weather
  • Culture and Society
  • Sexuality, Religion
  • Hardware, Software, Games
  • Important events
  • Farming
  • Movies, Shows