A country without young people is destined to be a shadow.
Silvio Rodríguez

The young Cubans are the continuation of the founding generation of the Cuban Revolution, not the relay, the new generations, very committed to the legacy of the historic leader, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the support of the Communist Party of Cuba, will continue to defend socialism And participating in the economic and social changes that the country needs.

Post By @CubanWindow from the Original in Spanish:  Hombres nuevos by Ladyrene Pérez  – @makuijo on Cubadebate

The island has put its hopes in the youth.

Continuity and future to safeguard the realized dream of his noble struggles.

Rebel acts that came from love, inherited their children.

Nation that has earned the thought and heart of a generation, which is now adjusting itself.

Piece of land inhabited by revolutionaries who are what their parents would have wanted to be: shoots of their time and circumstances.

Children of the Special Period and their privations.

Citizens with conviction without borders, nor silences.

Recipients of achievements reached for them.

Young people who know a country that is at the top, the same one that invokes them to sustain the beloved country and to populate it with new men.