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A little further away this huge park has a great diversity of animals and recreational spaces. Check the map HEREOpened its doors in 1984. It is located in a region of very varied topography, which allows the best conditioning of the animals according to their habitat. Its surface is of 340

hectares, in which there are a beautiful forest area, is also the fifth zone of Cuba with more groups of birds observed with approximately 130 national species which makes it considered by some as a corridor area for those species.

It has more than 700 species of animals, whose lifestyle allows them to remain free of bars and as close as possible to their original habitat.

Also are didactic-recreational activities with didactic and participation games, talks about live animals, conferences using audiovisuals (videos, cinema, debate, slideshow).

The National Zoological Park is, by agreement, a teaching unit of the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the Agrarian University of Havana, the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies and the Polytechnic Institute Villena Revolución.

The installation has just been remodeled thanks to an important investment by the authorities of the island after the creation of the National Company of Zoos.


Once destroyed by the nature back in the 1993 ( by By the Storm of the Centurythat caused the loss of several specimens when the level of the sea surpassed the barricade that separates it from the recreational center ) was rebuild by the Cuban Government for the joyfull of youngs and not so youngs !

With 56 years, the National Aquarium is located in the neighborhood of Miramar, look at the map HERE: the area is far away from the center of the city but you can get there easily with the help of a good guide (remember that in our post We have left some ringing on Cuban applications very useful to locate in the city, you can also approach an INFOTUR there you will find much information about this and other sites)

The Aquarium is managed by the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment, the Environment Agency and the Cuban Science Network which makes it not only a recreational center but also a place where marine biodiversity care is a priority .

Several gastronomic options, but “The Great Blue”, restaurant with view to the bottom of the dolphins pond it’s the best option.

The installation needs to be repaired, it has areas in complete deterioration, so we hope that those responsible will soon have the necessary investment to rehabilitate the site that deserves attention not only for its recreational value, but also its importance as a center for research and protection of the Ecosystem on the island.