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The WSIS 2017 Awards are a mechanism for recognizing public initiatives, the private sector, civil society, international organizations and academic institutions most successful in the development of the Information Society.

The contest is a platform to identify and show success stories and models that could be replicated to empower the community at the local level, as well as to recognize the efforts of stakeholders to achieve the WSIS objectives of building a Partnership Of integrative information, putting the potential of knowledge and ICTs at the service of development.

The Cuban works nominated in some of the competition categories, with the original name by which they can vote on the website of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU):

  • Category 10: Infomed: an innovative, socializing project at the service of Cuban public health / Ileana Regla Alfonso Sánchez.
  • Category 1: Incubator of projects and entrepreneurs of the technologies of the information and the communications / Unión de Informáticos de Cuba.
  • Category 3: Cuban Collaborative Encyclopedia Young Computer Club.
  • Category 9: Dominoes / Leonides Alfredo Peña Turruelles.
  • Category 12: Pachamama Game Jam 2016 / University of the Informatics Science.
  • Category 15: Cuban cuisine / Leonides Alfredo Peña Turruelles.
  • Category 17: Database of the Diagnostic and Orientation Center of the Isle of Youth / University of the Island of Youth “Jesús Montané Oropesa”.