Pots by @CubanWindow

Some push forward, they turned the page of a past plagued with misunderstandings, with a little still to be polished and a few issues that perhaps never enjoy the sweetness of coincidence.

Brave “pushers” that we will rise to the altar of the wise, able to look forward to a future full of mutual benefits, based on peaceful coexistence, good manners that have to abound on both sides of this salt-water-90-miles-pool between us and respect for free thought, which does not prevent us from disagreeing and converging at the same time.

Others, with the intention of maintaining a policy that does not work in times of mergers, where capitalism jumps between currents without finding its place, show the most reactionary face, that which defines us as an empire, feared and abandoned.

This is where Marco Rubio, the Republican Senator from the State of Florida, fits, reactionary whip that has been stuck in time: “We have been walking through all these issues with him. President and His team, determining the right steps to take and when “” I am sure that President Trump will treat Cuba as the dictatorship that is and that our policy will henceforth reflect the fact that it is not in the national interest of the States United So that we can do business with the Cuban military. “

What a pity, Rubio…..We regret to inform you that, in the remote case of your being able to cause any significant effect on the country’s foreign policy towards Cuba, which means a reversal in the openings between the two countries, with or without the United States, Cuba is on his way.

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