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As part of the digital development carried out by the island and the projections of the to increase the spaces destined to favor the massive access to the Internet , public areas have been added to allow WIFI connection to the citizens.

For now Cuba has 353 spaces throughout the country that you can identify quickly if you are  passing through the island, When you see a swarm of people all heads down with their eyes fixed on their devices.

The last to join the list was the Coppelia, the Cathedral of Ice Cream in Havana, one of the largest in the world, located about 100 meters from the emblematic Hotel Habana Libre, at the popular corner of 23 and L, in the area Of the populous Rampa, a work of art in the shape of a reinforced concrete spider.

The popular Coppelia, name taken from the mythical character of the ballet of the same name, contains several cafes or facilities inside where they serve creamy glasses combined with a wide variety that constantly changes. There it is possible to try exotic flavors like coconut, mango or guava.