Post By @CubanWindow  summary of the Original: Fifteen ways young people can (or want to) change their world /  Susana Gómes Bugallo via Youth Rebels

“There is a group of young people who feel that their space of action is limited and that all they can do is question things.

They are more focused on the debate, what is happening and how much it impacts.
What they can do is related to debate with a lot of criticism, something that is good … although these concerns do not pass for themselves, but for what is outside, and do not worry about how much they can do to change that, but to recognize how much can others make that make decisions, as if we were not part of that other. “….continues below, following the comments of the young (1)

What do you do every day to change the world, society or your nearest environment?…… out into the streets, trying to get the young people involved in a dialogue …

(Melina Iturriaga, University student)

We are preparing to understand the country and be able to help it in the future.
First you have to understand the current problems, then project yourself into the future, because if you do not understand where you live, you can do nothing to change it.
That is why I am very interested in social problems, structure, power relations and how to contribute to a more democratic and participatory society in which social inclusion is even greater.

(Rocío Montes, student of History)

I think studying is a good way to change society, especially when we see the difficulties of training because, with the rise of self-employment, many people are leaving the university and opting for immediate work. The most important in this stage is the study and the professional improvement. I do this for myself and for my society. Because not only waiters are needed, but also philosophers and engineers are required.

(Diane Sariol, works at Casa de las Americas)

I do not think that every day it is possible to do something to change reality, but everyone from their social role can influence, even a little, in their own behavior and on the others. For example, from my profession, it is good to have flexible positions in difficult situations, because sometimes people make hasty decisions because they are overwhelmed. I work in a cultural center where many people come asking for information, and I must attend to them with the greatest disposition.

(Yamil Bejerano, Community Services Worker)

We leave all the parks ready so that people feel comfortable when they are there.
We change the environment, we remove the garbage dumps and that is much appreciated.

(Marian Cordero, law student)

I like to give advice and help my friends.
Also tell my experiences so that they do not make mistakes.
In addition, I am a member of the FEU, and we work to mark the university life and to transmit messages to all the young people.
As a lawyer, I would like to dedicate myself to legal advice, for all the foreign investment process that is being promoted and for which Cuba requires prepared professionals.
I am also passionate about international politics.

(Osmany Diaz, Biochemistry Student) + (Alejandro García, History Student)

The first thing is to change myself. To change the world, you must start with yourself.
Now I am studying and at some point I will contribute something to the society if I am useful. Someone says that the world is changed by example, not by opinion.

(Yuniel Gómez, Self-Employed)

I try to change the day. I remove what I do not like and I accept what I like. If there are things that disgust me, I set them apart. I see the positive and try to be optimistic.

(Cesianna Thompson, PhD)

I fulfill what I must and I demand more every day as a professional. Society needs the work of health workers and everyone, because each one counts and is important in what he performs.

(Daniel Deprés, Kitchen Assistant)

I like to be useful to society and to work hard.  I would like the urban environment to be cleaner; that has not yet been achieved.

(Masiel Pérez, student of Philosophy)

I wish I could have a political profile in my profession when I graduate. That would be my way of changing the world.

(Erick Leyva, electricity worker)

I bring joy to people because when they are given a quality service the client feels happy, and that is a way to change the lives of others and mine, because it is satisfactory for me to do my job well.

(Lázaro Leonel Ortiz, Dancer at The America Theater)

Dancing has changed my life because it distances me from any environment that is not healthy and becomes a better person. The people who see me are happy and encouraged to follow. I feel like I change their lives too.


(Ada Naranjo, Works at the Presidente Cafe)

To change my day, I go out, walk and I share a lot with my friends. I am very fun and have colleagues who are wonderful. We always invent what to entertain ourselves, because we work for many hours. We have a great time and we always have something new.

(Alfredo Miyares, Craftsman)

I feel that the world is changing because the furniture and building materials I sell cause people to change their surroundings and beautify their home.


“There is still a perceptual distance between what one can do and what one actually does, from the perspective that others make decisions. There are young people who are coming to the debate to think and defend a vision, they feel part of something that has already been done, and according to that, they criticize.

“We have the responsibility to question ourselves without losing our identity. We must be careful about trying to import solutions into problems that we have, because we must think about what we can do to not abandon our Cuban roots. What is outside can help us and serve as a reference, but it can not deform what identifies us.

“Psychology as a profession is committed to human beings’ ability to change their environment, because it has all the potential for this, if it is not alien to society. That is why psychology has the responsibility of empowering young people to know that those responsible for the future are them. You have to take responsibility for your own social project, first changing yourself and recognizing your past, and the ability to change the future of your society. (Yisel Quintosa Pueblas, Professor of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Havana)