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If you are thinking of traveling to the island here we leave you some comments that may interest you, we are not specialists in the subject, but looking for a little on the net and with the advice of several friends we give you some clues.

General Customs


Everything you need to know about customs regulations when entering or leaving the island


It depends on the budget you have for accommodation, there are excellent hotels, close to the most interesting places in Havana but also private houses (casa particular) with lower prices and interaction with locals. For both  try to stay in the neighborhoods “Vedado” or “Playa”, landlords can suggest u how to move from one place to another.

We Leave u some websites where u can access and look for more info.

Private Houses (casa particular)


  • Check always for ads with images, avoid those that do not have them
  • Make sure the landlord has the updated license
  • Make sure the landlord is authorized to lease to foreigners, check that you have this logo on the door of the house:




Where can u eat ?


4 more Info 


Good luck!!!!