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National Botanical Garden of Cuba + Here Link to TripAdvisor

Inaugurated by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on January 4, 1989, next to the Expocuba Exhibition Center, the island’s National Botanic Garden has a highly qualified technical and professional staff.

It is an institution, attached to the University of Havana, dedicated to the exhibition of tropical plants, with a remarkable performance of environmental education actions, has

an extension of about 600 hectares and exposes near 4 000 plant species, with a sample of live plants in cultivation, especially endemic and within them the threatened that have a differentiated attention.

Its exhibition area covers near 2353 m², and consists of a covered part with 3 pavilions, and another outside in which there is a pond for aquatic plants and collections of ornamental plants. The pavilions are 9 meters high and exposed plants of approximately 600 species belonging to 250 genders of 90 families.

The glass house pavilion is dedicated to represent the plants of arid tropical and subtropical areas.

The pavilion of high humidity and 50% of illumination houses plants that inhabit the humid tropical forests.

The pavilion high humidity and 25% of illumination exhibits plants of the humid tropical forests of mountain, and some plants of economic interest like the ones of cacao, coffee, black pepper, vanilla.


  • Restaurant El Ranchón: Creole Food.
  • Eco-Restoran El Bambú: Located in the beautiful setting of the Japanese Garden. Ecological Menu.
  • El Yarey Restaurant: Creole Food
  • La Majagua Restaurant: Cuban Cuisine.
  • El Tropical Coffee Shop: Light food and drinks
  • Snack Bar No. 1: Light Food and Drinks
  • Snack Bar No. 2: Light Food and Drinks

Other Properties of interest within the park

  • Scientific Residency
  • Library
  • Event Center
  • Herbal
  • Sale of Plants, Seeds and Landscaping Services

* One of the most attractive sites within the park is the Japanese Garden