#EveryDayMotivations: Pastors for Peace launches speaking tours talking about Cuba…


Post By @CubanWindow

Imported from Cuba Caravan 2017 IFCO by David Vazquez

From April 15th to 30th IFCO/ Pastors for Peace will have representatives traveling to 54 cities in 30 states, talking at public events in schools, churches and community centers, allowing us to bear witness to the truth about Cuba today and to underscore the changes still needed in US policy to achieve normal civilized relations between the US and Cuba. We seek to build upon the openings created by President Obama to persuade Congress to completely end the US economic blockade of Cuba and the accompanying restrictions on travel to Cuba by US citizens and residents.

“Members of Congress in both parties are sponsoring legislative initiatives aimed at improving relations with Cuba because they understand that a change in US-Cuba relations will be equally beneficial to citizens of both countries.” declared Gail Walker, Executive Director of IFCO, a 50-year old ecumenical agency

IFCO/Pastors for Peace has been organizing caravans to Cuba since 1992 offering US citizens an opportunity to express their support for changing relations with Cuba. This year, we’re organizing some of our caravan activities in the early days of the Trump administration to express opposition to any roll-back of the gains made under the Obama administration.

We will also be taking US citizens to Cuba in July 2017 without applying for or accepting a license to travel to Cuba from the US government.

“Pastors for Peace rejects the current licensing system for travel to Cuba. Licensing is unconstitutional because it requires people of faith to submit their acts of conscience and friendship to government licensing, in violation of our right to freedom of religious expression, political thought, association and travel” said Rev. Thomas Smith, President of the Board of Directors of IFCO/Pastors for Peace.

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