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Who is better to talk about his press than the Cubans themselves, take a read to this post …

On the morning of Sunday, May 16, when I took the Juventud Rebelde, I remembered how I picked up the pack of newspapers that at night I picked up the phantom cart of a distribution company.

In nylons sealed against rain, accompanied by supermarket catalogs, Christmas sales ads, Pizza Hut or Papa Johns discount coupons. Some newspapers were free-of-charge, paid for with advertising, and they were thrown at you without a request. Others were by paid subscription.

I took mine out of the envelopes with bank logos addressed to my neighbors, which contained unsecured credit cards, home loan promotions and study fees, or legal warnings for not paying the deadlines.

In Cuba, my reflexes have lost the practice of pulling open the nylon and pulling the multi-pound paper carpet that came inside, a gesture that was then linked to throwing it back in the car, after browsing for almost an hour In the intermittency of the traffic stoppers. For the back seat of that Nissan must have passed the pulp equivalent to the Metropolitan Park of Havana.

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