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By: Nathali Gómez / RT

Two experts analyze the mechanisms that the Donald Trump Administration can count on to increase the destabilizing action that the United States is taking. Carried out in Venezuela since the arrival to the government of Hugo Chávez.

Venezuela is the real target of the US: Washington interferes through destabilizing actions characteristic of non-conventional politics , analysts said.

“The agenda began with meetings of opponents in the United States to ‘demand international pressure ‘ against Venezuela, continued with the stance against the government of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States ( OAS ), Luis Almagro, and now with Violence during demonstrations, “Adel El Zabayar, president of the Federation of Associations and Arab Entities of Venezuela, told RT.

The Zabayar argues that there are two stages to crystallize this plan against the Venezuelan government: one characterized by violent protests and another involving sabotage of the electric service , as has already happened, and selective assassinations of members of Chavismo and opposition with the Purpose of promoting an intervention.

This first phase of the demonstrations against the government of Nicolás Maduro is characterized by acts of vandalism against public property, which have already caused losses worth 50 billion bolivars , according to figures given by the Venezuelan president himself, explains El Zabayar .

To generate chaos in the country, USA. Takes advantage of the peculiarities of the country and its weaknesses in order to, through mercenaries, create a feeling of ungovernability and internal conflict, says this deputy emeritus of the Venezuelan National Assembly, who left his curul in 2013 to marcharsa to fight in The Syrian Army.

US Handles the theory of excision. They carry out operations that allow them to maintain the crisis in Latin America, for them it is useful to encourage and develop internal issues, “he says. Zabayar recalls the actions of US paid mercenaries. Against the governments of Syria and Ukraine and thinks that the same thing could happen in Venezuela.

The mercenaries who would work in these operations would not be alone, they would have support from the opposition. If one of them enters the country needs someone to receive it, to prepare a place to stay, a place from which to communicate and not be tracked, “he says.

The Zabayar believes that they use opponents who have worked in intelligence agencies, as was denounced by the Venezuelan deputy Diosdado Cabello, who presented to the country a series of recordings of telephone conversations that revealed a plan of violent demonstrations with the Purpose of overthrowing the Government of Maduro, in which retired Venezuelan military participated.

‘Same script’

The declarations of former President Barack Obama in 2015 stating that Venezuela was an ” unusual and extraordinary threat to US security” revealed that the destabilization plans had not changed since the presidency of Hugo Chávez, Explains to RT the lawyer and Venezuelan writer Luis Britto.

Britto refers to the “outsourcing of war”, where “armies of mercenaries or criminals are sought who fulfill their objectives, as happened in Libya and Syria . The writer agrees with El Zebayar in that the excessive media coverage of the recent protests have the purpose of giving the impression that there is a situation of violence.

“It would be giving the conditions so that there is a pretext for an eventual intervention, to end this supposed confrontation between the Venezuelans,” says the lawyer.

Both Britto and El Zabayar think that a false flag operation could also be made, which would provide reasons for a neighboring nation to attack Venezuela under the pretext of defending its sovereignty.