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The search for freedom has been a constant among men, so the struggles against persecution, oppression and vassalage have been represented in history through art in an effort to perpetuate the sentiment of those who have fought singulares Battles and serve as inspiration and guidance for those who still crave it.

Although the Statue of Liberty of the United States is the most significant in its dimensions, as well as the most reproduced in artistic and advertising works, at the beginning of the twentieth century in Cuba the town also raised monuments commemorating sovereignty.

On the beautiful island also statues of freedom were erected as symbols inspired by the national struggles for independence, three of them remain:

Statue of Liberty of “San Juan de los Remedios”

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It is sometimes considered by mistake to be the only one of its kind in Cuba, was unveiled on May 13, 1906 thanks to the popular collection of some residents . The Carrara marble piece, sold to the residents at the 1904 Paris International Exhibition, was created by the Italian sculptor Carlos Nicoly and Manfredy.

The “Freedom” of Remedios rests on a base of rustic stone of three meters of height that represents the slavery. On this pedestal, a female figure who despises the colonial chains illuminates the path of independence. In his left hand he carries a torch, and in his right hand he wields a sword, symbol of the mambí “machete”. The repressive historian Rafael Jorge Farto Muñiz said that the effigy of his town had the face of an old man, possibly otherwise-minded by so many centuries of oppression.


Statue of Liberty in “Gibara”

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It is located in the “Plaza Mayor” or “Armas Plaza” (now Calixto García Park) in Holguin, Cuba. His execution was entrusted to a reputed house Santa Maria, Italy who used like model the portrait of a gibareña named Aurora Pérez Desdín.

It has a strip where it is inscribed: “To the liberators of the country” and in the parchment that carries in the hand the figure appears the date of 25 of July of 1898, day in that the “mambises” entered Gibara.
Statue of Liberty in “Puerto Padre”

puerto padre sl

It is located at the “Independencia Park”.

A characteristic common to all the inhabitants of Puerto Padre is the healthy pride for its city and the statue of the Freedom occupies a preferential place in that feeling. The statue measures approximately six meters from the ground. On this pedestal is a figure of a standing woman, allegory of freedom, who wrapped in ample clothing and touched with a Phrygian cap, rests his right arm on an oval shield while lifting the left where he initially held a branch of the laurel representative of the glory.

At the top of the shield is inscribed the word LIBERTAS and to the center a mambí with open arms and look towards the high offering to the Patria the broken chains of the colonial. In front of the pedestal is the following text: “May 20, 1902. The people of Puerto Padre erected this monument in commemoration of the advent of the republic and to glorify the memory of the martyrs of Cuban redemption.”