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Summary from the Original rump: From Rhetoric to Facts @ Cubadebate + Center for Hemispheric Studies and on the United States (CEHSEU), University of Havana

It is not even a hundred days since Trump’s arrival in the White House, and his administration is making clear the path it will take.

His warrior, protectionist and anti-immigrant stance leaves some astonished, while others say he is consistent with his personality.  Trump has relied on a culture of fear trying to create fear in international relations that evokes a spirit of new cold war.

A warmonger atmosphere marked the lasts weeks . Some people say that the situation in the United States was predictable by having a government full of generals, others say that Trump wants to remove internal problems from above as other US presidents have done.

The figure of Trump has stood out for being very conservative and in these first three months has tried to offer an image of credibility to the American society, to the public opinion, the allies and to send messages to the rivals and threats to the United States .

Trump’s policy turns to the right with a heavy dose of militarism, has been consonant with regard to recovering America and revitalizing the spirit of the United States and complying with the slogan that the United States is first.

That nationalism is a rejection of everything that is foreign to the cultural base of the United States, everything that is opposed to the image of the traditional American, visceral hatred against Muslims, the limitation of immigrants, the obsession with construction of the wall, the policy aimed at curbing the access of immigrants of all kinds, and this is coupled with the announcement of a very protectionist economic policy that tries to revitalize what is the place and role of all he called the forgotten.

The United States wants to project a stronger image in multilateral scenarios, in geopolitical and strategic issues such as the Korean peninsula or Syria, which, when we widen our eyesight and observe its geographic points, are vital points in this framework of international relations.

There is a clear interest to concentrate attention on those issues that are not problematic in the first instance for the administration towards its population, its public opinion that is also part of this phenomenon.

The best word to describe what happens is the dialectic, we must see everything from the point of view of contradictions.

The tendency of US imperialism is towards trans nationalization, the essence of capitalism is the internationalization of capital and in the 21st century is a process that can not be reversed.

Interconnections in the world are what are presiding over everything. The Trump phenomenon is the fruit of the contradictions and crises of the United States. The party itself had crucified him. The country has changed a lot, but it also continues to exhibit many permanent issues or continuities.