118% increase in visits by US citizens to Cuba until March 2017 despite the existing prohibitions in the United States for tourist travel to the island.

Post By @CubanWindow – translation from the CubaTV Newscast of Cuban Television and statements by José Luis Perello expert at the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba

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Until March 31, the growth of the US market to Cuba was about 118 percent and after Canada. So right now U.S are in the second place of the ranking of markets emitting towards the island.

This contrasts with the reduction in the frequency of flights or the total cancellation of operations to Cuba by some of the American airlines authorized by the Barack Obama Administration.

In effect, Silver Airways and Frontiers were withdrawn and all airlines were either lowering frequencies or changing the type of aircraft,  by planes with fewer seats.

What happened ?

By raising 10 weekly frequencies to Cuba, which represents 3 million seats in commercial aircraft, in one year, the American airlines drew the market studies prepared by U.S agencies.

Some Agencies from the Department of Commerce had warned that after the establishment of the U.S embassy on the island, a million people could visit Cuba, but that same study said that 60 percent would prefer to do so on a cruise trip.

So, the adjustments made by the American airlines, have nothing to do with the interests of the U.S citizens who are traveling in increasing amounts, under any of the 12 licenses approved by Obama Administration as a means to access the island and can not do so like tourists, something that is forbidden us by the laws of the North American Congress as part of the compendium of laws that make up the unilateral Blockade towards the island.

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