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Back in 1991, in the days when the special period in Cuba (1) was felt more strongly, Merchise Project was born as  a Computer Software group created circa 1991 at University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas, in Santa Clara city, Cuba.

It was founded by Ing. Medardo Rodriguez who desired to create a Computer Programming Research Team with headquarters in Las Villas U but formed by people with spontaneous and free ideas about what a computer team and software should be. The Merchise name per-se was an idea of the other co-founder Ing. Miguel Cepero and it refers to Mayan wizard deity.

From late 1997 – 1999 most of members of former Merchise group had joined Oceanus Communications in Ottawa, Canada in their joint quest to conquer International markets. Important from this period were visionary projects.

So, towards the end of 2000  Merchise did not exist as a group. It would be risky to say that they were the only ones to try it, but after almost a decade of work and more than a dozen applications, their work remains as a more elevated and visionary sample in the production of video games in the Island at the end of last century.

Today the country seeks to promote this industry, and it must unmistakably recall and turn its eyes towards those warriors who practically without Internet, with scarce technical resources and from a strong will of existence and improvement, made of Cuban videogames an achievable dream.

La Fortaleza, en las entrañas de la Bestia (The Fortress, in the entrails of the Beast):

La Fortaleza, la venganza de la Bestia ( The Fortress, the Revenge of the Beast) :

Escape del Castillo de la Física (Escape from the Castle of Physics):

Netris Kombat:



The term “special period” arises from the decade of the seventies in the XX century when the doctrine of war of all people begins to develop in Cuba from the strategic vision of the Revolution, the experiences of the past National and the characteristics of the country.  Already in the late eighties and early nineties of the XX century, the Cuban nation had to face a sharp depression that would lead to a very peculiar crisis, with fundamental economic and social implications, which led to the need to promote certain adjustment policies that Allowing, first to face it, to survive and later to obtain results that indicate a possible exit of the same.

An exposition of the main manifestations of the Special Period leads us to identify a sharp fall in GDP and the mismatch of the main macroeconomic.