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From the original: New life for Lenin Park (+ Photos) + Information from Ecured + La

With 670 hectares of green forest it is part of the green belt of the city, considered as the biggest lung of the capital and has a modern amusement park, swimming pools, restaurants, aquarium, zoo, picnic areas, restaurants and a steam train of the nineteenth century to cross the park.

The park has an art gallery (Amelia Peláez) and a ceramic workshop, and at the entrance there is a sculpture of great proportions of the Russian revolutionary leader Lenin.

The History

It was conceived in 1969, during a visit that Fidel Castro made to the neighboring prey “Army Rebel”, at that time in phase of completion.

Before the triumph of the revolution, in March 1952, when Fidel talked to the local peasants at “La Gallega” (Josefa Yánez) ‘s house, he assured that in these lands, schools and other projects would be built.

Then Celia Sánchez joined a group of colleagues to materialize these ideas. After a failed first attempt, they went into the undergrowth on a second crossing, to start the project. Although the first works began operating from 1971, it was not until the following year that its inauguration was fixed. In this way Celia became the soul of the creation of this important work.

Facing  50 years



Built as a Caribbean tribute to the classical world, the former amphitheater and its mobile stage will never be the same as before. A project led by the Design Company of Havana hopes to give back some of their original charm and rescue the evening shows. Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre




For the woodworking of the restaurant Las Ruinas-built on a slave quarters of the colonial stage- cedar and mahogany were used. There have been restoration work. Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre



During the ten-minute circular tour of the star-gazebo, visitors can fully appreciate the attractions of Parque Mariposa and see much beyond. Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre


Having just completed a complete maintenance, which “revived” the deteriorated bathrooms and lockers, the swimming pool complex offers fun for those who want to spend the day sunbathing or prefer to take a dip, all backed by a variety of gastronomic options. Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre