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Original Simone Dinnerstein on Performing Mozart, from Cuba to the United States 

In an old church in Havana, Cuba, acclaimed pianist Simone Dinnerstein performed Mozart’s Piano Concerto Nos. 21 and 23 with the Havana Lyceum Orchestra (Created in Cuba since 2009). Crossing cultural barriers, the performance might have been impossible just a few years ago when travel between the two countries was severely restricted.

“It’s like a dream, of course, for us, every musician, every artist,” said José Antonio Méndez Padrón, the principal conductor of the orchestra. “It’s amazing playing in this great concert hall with Simone. It’s like a dream.”

Their recordings are being released today in Dinnerstein’s new album, “Mozart in Havana.” In June, the orchestra will debut in the U.S., marking the first time an orchestra of this size will travel to the United States from Cuba.

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The founding of the National School of Art in 1962 in Cuba, began the extraordinary expansion of art education as one of the most transcendental and beautiful works of the Cuban Revolution expressed in the development and prestige achieved by art in the island.

In March 1962, based on a general study on art education, the possibility to build a multidisciplinary center where the arts were found and where there was a link between the students of all the artistic branches.  Then borned the National School of Art (ENA). In the same would be constituted four specialties: Ballet, Music, Dramatic Art, Plastic arts

This created an artistic teaching complex, which branched into 47 schools (24 elementary level and 23 medium level) across the country. This led to the construction of a program of Vocational Schools of Art that would provide each province with a specialized institution to study elementary music, ballet, dance and visual arts; as well as the definition of the location of the Professional Art Schools, which were to be built in the country.