….. The Admiral says that never before was this beautiful thing seen, full of trees, all surrounded by the river, beautiful and green and different from ours, with flowers and with their fruit, each in its own way. Many birds and birds that sang very sweetly; There were lots of palms other than those of Guinea and ours ……. The grass was great as in Andalusia for April and May …… It says that it is that island the most beautiful that Eyes have seen …

Sunday, October 28 / Taken from the diary of Christopher Columbus

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On October 1492, Admiral Cristóbal Colón arrived at the beaches of eastern Cuba (1), which will host, in Playa Pesquero ( “This facility was inaugurated by our Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in January 2003 and set the stage for us to promote peace, health and safety tourism.”)the 37th International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2017) next week, the most important event of the tourist sector in Cuba.

The International Tourism Fair coincides with the Romerías de Mayo (a cultural event), a fact that according to Mintur executives will make it possible to establish a bridge between tourism and culture.

Arrives at a summit for the island, with records in the arrival of tourists it’s the  better opportunity to show the world the potential of the Greater Antilles in this sector.

Cuba ended the year 2016 for the first time with more than four million visitors, which meant a growth of 13% compared to 2015, the growth is maintained during 2017 with more than one million 500 thousand visitors arriving at the beautiful island in What a year cva.

North America continues to be the main emitting market with 45% of the total visitors, Canada remains with the highest tourist numbers, while the United States grows significantly despite the limitations imposed even by the economic blockade .

From the European continent, 33% of foreign tourists arrive in Germany, a historical emisor to the ilsa and country to which this edition is dedicated, tops the list, followed by France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom the most significant markets.

Latin America alone accounts for 16%.


“In the work of three months more than seven thousand children died, because the mothers went to work.” “… as the healthy men and women carried the mines and the other works, and only the old men remained in the villages And sick, without a person to help and remedy, there they all perished of anguish and disease, over the furious hunger “

The aboriginal population of the Cuban archipelago perished in the majority during the first 50 years of the Spanish conquest. Between 60 and 100 thousand, according to estimates of scholars, and in 1555 they did not exceed 5 thousand. The reproductive chain was broken by the destruction of its culture and the possibility of a normal development of its community, because even the colonizers appropriated to a great extent of the women, giving place to the mestizaje of Spanish and Indian. Numerous indo cubans died exhausted by work and poor food (water and cassava), the mistreatment and unknown diseases brought by Europeans and African slaves, including smallpox and yellow fever. In addition to declining birth rates, it was difficult for minors, the elderly and the sick to survive.