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May 2017

“Freedom for Americans to Travel to Cuba Act” arrives at the United States Senate

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Summary / EngageCuba Press Release +  Cubadebate

With the backing of 55 bipartisan members of the 100 of the Capitol Upper House, were reintroduce yesterday with the leadership of Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) that would eliminate current restrictions on traveling to Cuba for tourist purposes.

Additionally, ahead of the Trump Administration’s expected release of its U.S.-Cuba policy review, which will determine whether or not to continue policies that made it easier to travel to Cuba, this legislation would completely and permanently deregulate U.S. travel to Cuba.  (read more HERE)

Its approval would also eliminate the obstacles to banking transactions related to such trips.

This proposal, which was already presented at the 114th Congress in 2015 and failed to progress, is reintroduced in the Senate with 46 of its original cosponsors and although there is a majority for approval in the upper house, it must be presented and voted, in the same terms, by the House of Representatives, to be approved as a law.

Leahy noted that a bipartisan Senate majority agrees that the federal government should not tell Americans where they can travel or not, especially to a small country just 90 miles from Florida.

He added that the ban is not justified by national security or economic interests, and clarified that while this bill does not lift the blockade imposed by Washington to Havana, it would at least give Americans the right to freedom of travel .

According to surveys, 81 percent of the nation’s citizens, including seven in 10 Republicans, and 74 percent of the Cuban-resident community in Miami-Dade County, Florida, support travel to Cuba.




Cuban Lighthouses (+ Pics)

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WIF: Nauty Natura + Ecured + CubaTravel 

Several maritime signs protect navigation around the Cuban archipelago. Some of them date from the colonial period, at that time raised with stone from the quarries, operated and guarded by endowments of “torreros” (Caretakers of the towers)

Likewise, light sources flow from oilseed, whale and olive oils, passing systems fed with oil, kerosene and acetylene until reaching the electricity.

Here is a sample of the most emblematic

The “Morro” Lighthouse

el-morro de noche








Identifies the Cuban capital and distinguishes its port, was first lit at 7.30 pm on July 24, 1845, a century after its opening was electrified. It is center today of a historical-military park and included in the title of Patrimony of the Humanity granted by the UNESCO to Old Havana

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«There is a universe of culinary art and adventure inhabiting the skin of the island» via @alamesacuba

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An original way of showing us the last days of the life of Jose Marti from the gastronomy and the feeding + the history of Cuba culinary culture.

Original post: Tasajo with roasted banana (ROUTE OF GLORY)

Gomez (Maximo Gomez Baez (Bani, Dominican Republic, November 18, 1836 – Havana, Cuba, June 17, 1905- was a general in the Ten Years War and the General-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolutionary Troops in the War of 95. Example of internationalist and military genius.) leaves, with 30 men to harass a convoy that leaves of Palma, Soriano for the Sale. Unfortunately, at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon when he finally makes contact with the convoy, Remanganagua’s strong escort and Spanish fort combine to dissuade him from attacking this force from his position.

Meanwhile, Jose Marti, in the camp, receives a group from Santiago de Cuba with whom he shares a meal based on roasted bananas and tasajo.

Tasajo refers to a cut of smoked meat over low heat, usually with firewood. The purpose is to dehydrate the meat to preserve it, but the process also gives it a peculiar flavor.

The procedure for turning a juicy beef cut into beefsteak varies from country to country, as does the food with which it is accompanied and the way of serving it, including rituals.

Little has transcended the procedures used by the “mambises” for the preparation of tasajo and much less of the customs that could have been erected around its consumption, although the accompaniment with foods, in particular plantain and “chopo” (similar to the “malanga” also known as yautia, big taro root, cocoyam, Japanese potato, tannia, and eddo, malanga coco is a large, dense root vegetable in the same family as taro root. The mottled exterior is brown to reddish, while inside the flesh can be cream, pale yellow, or grayish purple) is a recurrent element.

To see every day of the Route (A la Mesa: Below is a list of what we will discover each day, starting today we will live almost in real time what Martí, Gómez and his companions in 1895)




Over 40 United States travel companies and associations urge POTUS not to reverse #US travel to #Cuba

Via @EngageCuba
May 24, 2017
President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear President Trump:
We write to you as travel service providers who offer legal, authorized travel to Cuba. The last several years have seen a huge growth in the number of U.S. authorized travelers visiting Cuba through our services, which has in turn strengthened our businesses and helped the Cuban people. We’re optimistic that your Administration will
take our insight into consideration and identify and value these benefits of increased travel to Cuba to both the American and Cuban private sectors as part of the current U.S.-Cuba policy review.
The increase in American visitors to Cuba has had a significant impact on our businesses by increasing our revenue and allowing us to hire more American employees. Additionally, it has helped the Cuban private sector, and fostered strong relationships between Americans and Cuban religious organizations and humanitarian programs.
Allowing travel on a general license has streamlined an overly bureaucratic process of receiving permission to travel to Cuba. This has allowed our companies to better focus on strengthening our services as the tedious process of applying for case specific approvals has been removed. Additionally, it has allowed U.S. officials to spend more time focusing on real national security threats, such as organized crime and terrorism, and not waste resources on investigating Americans who simply wish to exercise their right to visit our island neighbor.
Aviation agreements between the U.S. and Cuba have reduced the price of travel to Cuba for U.S. travelers and offered considerably more routes. This makes travel to Cuba more orderly, convenient and safe, and has greatly increased the likelihood of U.S. travelers to visit the island. Additionally, it has made it easier for Cuban- Americans to visit their loved ones on the island.
Due to increased demand, our companies have brought on additional staff to handle the high volume of travel to Cuba. This is good for the local economies where we operate and the national economy. We are providing jobs to American workers, paying local and federal taxes and contracting U.S. companies for our services. With continued growth, we will continue to hire more American workers and support the U.S. economy.

A rollback of the current policy would lead to significant layoffs at many of our companies.
Many U.S. travelers visiting Cuba stay in privately run B&Bs, dine at private restaurants, hire independent taxis and purchase goods and services from entrepreneurs. They are greatly supporting the growth of the Cuban private sector. U.S. travelers often visit with Cuban religious organizations, building important links between faith communities. Moreover, many travelers visit and provide support to independent community
organizations and cultural programs.
U.S. travelers to Cuba are the best ambassadors of American society. They interact and develop meaningful relationships with Cubans at all levels of society and promote U.S. culture and economic interests, preserving business opportunities for U.S. companies currently losing out to competitors from other countries. We encourage your administration to take note of the wide-ranging U.S. economic benefits and prioritize economic growth and job creation in the review of U.S. policy toward Cuba.
ABC Charters
Academic Arrangements Abroad
American Society of Travel Agents
Art Quest International
Blanco International Service
Blasa Mana Corporation
Caribbean American Children Foundation
Caribbean Biking Company
Caribe Express Inc
Carlson Maritime Travel
Classic Journeys
Collette Vacations
Cuba Cultural Travel
Cuba Educational Travel
Cuba Tours and Travel
Cuba Unbound
Diaspora Exchange Solutions (DiasporaES)
Distant Horizons
Education Travel Alliance
Experience Cuba
Friendly Planet
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
Geo Ex
Global Arts/Media
Global Exchange
Holbrook Travel
Jensen World Travel
Marazul Charters
Mejdi Tours
National Tour Association
Ocean Passages
Photo Workshop Adventures
The Orvis Company
The Special Travel
Turismo Tony Perez
United States Tour Operators Association
Va Cuba
Wilson International Service
Xael Charters

Sailing to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale.


In the images, photos of the bays of Havana and Cienfuegos + of the Cruise Veendam

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WIF: Cruises Industry News + Cruise Web + PRNewsWire

Holland America Line will starting the trips to Cuba on Dec. 22, 2017 with 12-day holiday cruise aboard the Veendam that will help meet the growing demand for premium cruise experiences to Cuba.

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Want 2 see from the sea 👉 Boat Tour Snack + Soft Drink English/Spanish Historical Locution


about 👉 start from & “casa particular”

time 🤣😂😆 👍 via @NYCParks It’s 🐢! Turtles 💚 warm weather. You’ll spot them sunbathing or, like this turtle, practicing yoga at our ponds.


Great march 4 the ☮️ via 👍👍👍👍👍



is born of hatred based on the contempt of the life of man & is an authentic crime vs humanity / Juan Pablo II



Breaking the Blockade: A ship has become a joint house for specialists from Cuba and the United States.

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Specialists from Cuba and the United States began a scientific expedition / WIF: Granma Cuba

The ship Walton Smith has become a joint house for specialists from Cuba and the United States who began a scientific expedition to study the extent of the deep coral reefs around the archipelago to compare their state of conservation and physical, genetic and environmentally connectivity.

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Two excellent readings for this Tuesday via

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The Tireless women of Standing Rock – Read the full post HERE  


President Trump’s Policies and the Caribbean – Read the full post HERE

Jamaica ok


Growing Tourism in Cuba – Varadero & Havana (3 posts + pics & video)

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WIF: Cubadebate + Latin Press + Caribbean News Digital + Cuba Travel

Topics: Tourism grows in Varadero, main Cuban resort + Cuba to Be a Gateway to America with Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski + Other hotels under construction at Paseo del Prado in Havana

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