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Ecured + AHS + Holguin City

” Romerías de Mayo’, a Christian festival, a tradition of the city of Holguín (which also hosted the International Tourism Fair tomorrow), are organized since 1994 by the” Hermanos Saíz Association ” (AHS), each year in May. Tradition and modernity are combined to make the city of Holguin a young art capital.

A sample of the most representative of the national and international culture is presented, in addition to the best projects of the AHS of each province of the island.

The City is then transformed into an open space for young art from around the world from May 2 to 8, about 200 delegates from 24 countries, plus the young people who will represent each corner of the Cuban archipelago, will prove that there is no other I like the Romerías.


The hill of the cross Before & Now

According to the Spanish custom of placing in the highest places near the towns a cross in order to avoid epidemics or natural catastrophes, the Franciscan Friar Antonio Joseph Alegre placed in the colonial stage of the island a cross in the elevation that marks the north Holguín (known as the Hill of the Cross). This religious fact later would become in these festivities where all the manifestations of the art take place and that begin with a pilgrimage exactly where the cross of the Friar Antonio de Alegría were placed.