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👉 exceeds one million entrepreneurs CLICK IN HERE .. all of them authorized 2 engage in self-employment without making distinctions by the color of its skin .. So PLS put aside the  (Starting a business in Cuba is more difficult for entrepreneurs of African descentabout discriminations against descendants & 👌

The Facts

  1. Cuba – New bank program approved for self-employment / Microcredit Managers 
  2. Non-State Management @ the BPA (Popular Bank) specialize in serving the members of the non-state sector of the economy, which includes both individual workers and non-agricultural cooperatives:

Just a few examples, we find no distinctions for ages, races, or genres …..

Remote Banking

It allows you to carry out from your home or other place some of the operations that you usually do in the branch (payment of taxes, statements of account, transfers of funds, recovery of vouchers, availability of funds, visualization of the last ten operations).

Payroll Domicile

It allows the self-employed owner  – whenever he has a checking account – to pay his workers through the magnetic card.


Make it easy the payment to the contracted workers without cash.
Each worker has an associated savings account, which generates interest and contributes to the savings culture.