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Marco Rubio (Republican, senator for the state of Florida) long narrated a misrepresented story about the arrival of his parents to these lands and thanks to the means that enhanced his shameless told everyone that his parents had been forced to leave the island as “political exiles” (definition hung by the extreme-right-wing to qualify those who left Cuba after the triumph of the revolution in 1959), when they actually abandoned the “green Cayman” 2 years before that date, receiving permanent residence in this “earthly paradise” that we sell to the world as a promised land , as it appears in several official documents including naturalization papers (Original: Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show)

Nothing good we can expect from a subject who resorts to lies to reach the top, and even less a political environment that wipes out the accumulated lies to get close to the

battered presidency of this country and move the threads of the destinies of the peoples to the south of the continent in benefit of the hegemonic interests of this, our great imperial power.

The violent processes that we have been witnessing for several months in Latin America have not been unleashed from the inside but from here onwards, several of them under the fucking annexationist perspective of this subject that surnames Rubio and who scale lies to reach the top.

The same that defends the return to a policy of iron hand against Cuba and recommends to the current administration  to overturn everything that we have achieved thanks to a politics of approach, more similar to these times and less to a past to the that many do not want to return.

We leave U a link CLICK HERE, it’s an excellent post on the latest performances of this subject about Venezuela, besieged by the media that show what best suits them.

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