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The dominant legal, economic, political and cultural system in the capitalist world promotes selfish and predatory behavior.

It admires those who more effectively and non-reciprocally monopolize the wealth generated by ecosystems or the work of human communities. In a finite and ecologically degraded planet, the accumulation of wealth of some people is always at the expense of the dispossession of others.

A sustainable and healthy society should, instead, equip itself with mechanisms that penalize the abuse of the common and encourage those behaviors that improve the life of the whole community and regenerate the environment on which every living thing depends.

Until we realize that prosperity, security and happiness are only achieved through collaboration, trust and reciprocity, we will continue to attribute the cause of the disease to its symptoms. We will mistakenly think that the victims of a perverse system-and not the system itself that works crushing more and more people for the benefit of the privileged few-are our problem.

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