stop bullying

Post By @CubanWindow

We would like to think differently, but it costs us, this damn society seeks imperfections beyond borders, but does not want to look inward.

Sadness, anger, impotence, the feelings are thronging us when we read the news: 8yo  (Gabriel Taye) ‘knocked unconscious & beaten’ at Cincinnati school days before suicide – footage

Really ? Stop for a moment to think about what it means for a handsome boy just 8 years old to decide to take his own life.

How many felled dreams, birthday that will not be celebrated, appointments that will not be arranged while the belly is flooded with butterflies, maternal hugs that will not be received at bedtime , successes and failures to share.

What the hell is wrong with this society ? This is about children, under 10 years who enjoy beating a fellow…

What happens to those who witness such inhumanity and choose to look the other way ?

What is wrong with those who decide to take a video and share it on the networks while others wave their thumbs up as a sign of approval, sharing and stamping a happy face below the post ?

And what the hell happens to those responsible for schools that become partners in the crime of the silence ?

It is a sick society and we do not do much to heal it, looking sideways  for imperfections does not make us better.

Not to realize that we have the perfect democracy in the world, because it is a lie, the most horrible and damn lie of all because we are unable to guarantee an 8-year-old child the most important right of all, the right to live.

We are going to keep for a long time in our minds the image of Gabriel, smiling, with his painted face and his dreams that will not be fulfilled.