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In 2015, Grace Livingstone, author of “America’s Backyard: The United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror,” were interviesed to explore whether the Organization of American States can ever become more representative of the needs of the 900 million citizens in the Americas it claims to represent. It has a checkered past: the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro labeled it the “Trojan horse” of U.S. foreign policy, and not only did it kick out Cuba soon after its revolution, but right-wing dictators remained in the body, despite disappearing and killing tens of thousands

Well known as the US Ministry of the Colonies, the OEA, Created as an organization that supposedly should represent the interests of the 35 countries of the South Americas , under the principles of sovereignty, equality and peace. But in the contrary OAS act against the interests of these peoples and in favor of the foreing polices of the United States. READ MORE HERE

In contrast, as a real mechanism of integration CELAC was created.


  • “Contadora” Group

It was a multilateral group established by the governments of Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela in 1983 to promote peace in Central America.

In the 80s Presidents, Foreign Ministers, Senior Officials reunited in a Summits promoted the search for a solution to solve the Latin American problems from a Latin American perspective.

  • Group of Rio

As a succesor of  the Contadora Group, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela met for the first time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on December 31, 1986.

They maintained many of the Contadora Group objectives, such as finding solutions to existing problems in the Latin American region.

It was a mechanism for consultation and political agreement. Its decisions were adopted through consensus among its members.

The birth of CELAC involved the farewell of the Rio Group.

  • The CALC

It was the seed of the CELAC.

Its main objective was the political, economic, social and cultural integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, as a historical aspiration of its peoples.

The I Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integration and Development met were in “Salvador de Bahia”, Brazil, in December 2008. In order to promote the articulation of integration processes and the development of Member States, in the face of challenges such as Financial, economic and food crisis, among others.