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 “The socialist government must pay special attention to children and youth, therefore welcomes children who lack family care, nutritious and appropriate clothing” Cuban Constitution / art. 40

A national network for children without parenthood protection were created in Cuba in 1984 by the State Council. In the island are centers of social assistance where children, adolescents and young people are provided with living conditions similar to those of a home.

These institutions have several rooms, rooms for individual or collective study, rooms and areas for sports, cultural or recreational activities and service areas.

As long as these under-18-age remain in the  institutions, in conjunction with medical care and education, they receive accommodation, food, school uniform, clothing and footwear. In addition they receive an amount of money each month  for their personal expenses.

Generally arrive to those centers because are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents, 100% of these children, adolescents and young people are incorporated into different schools and jobs. The principal in each institution hold the legal representation of these children.

Children living in these homes are also known as “children of the motherland”

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Lucia Martinez Suarez is 66 years old and is responsible for the care of several children without family protection more than 30 years ago.

Lucia says she does not exactly remember the dates and details of her life story but with astonishing ease lists the names of the hundreds of children she has known and loved.

In the house with two floors and five rooms, which could well go unnoticed before the passers-by live 15 minors: 11 females and 4 boys, aged between eight and 16 years.

The Home has 23 workers who remain all day at the disposal of children and adolescents. “The children are accompanied 24 hours a day,” “they are never alone. Here we have four nurses, four security guards, two cooks, a social worker. In addition we attend a multidisciplinary team composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, prevention specialists, a prosecutor, and officials of the Labor and Social Security. In addition, we have a permanent car at our service in case we have an emergency. ”

Lucia  is not an exception. “Do not think I’m a rare case, as I we have many assistants in Cuba. This is a very sacrificed job, people have no idea, once you commit is forever, never end. I retired and continued to work, because I can not go and leave these children alone ”