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Trump’s misconceptions about Cuba

US President Donald Trump was mistaken in the lines of his message about Cuba. He issued a brief statement this May 20, where the first error: evokes the date as Cuba’s Independence Day.

Is it necessary to review the story?
Why is not his speech stale not surprising?
And is that for decades, every year the Government of the United States of America commemorates that day, hiding the true reality.
In that date of 1902, the Island exhibited for the first time its condition of neo colonial territory . (Related United States occupation of Cuba (Part II) / The true meaning of May 20 )

The country remained at the disposal of powerful American economic interests, and its national and foreign political life would be administered essentially from the US Embassy in the Cuban capital.

The implantation of a government with a Cuban face that thought, spoke and acted in English, was an indispensable piece to complete the hieroglyph from which the neocolonial model conceived in Washington would emerge.

The 20 of May of 1902 a neocolonial country was born.

Therefore, we also do not accept that President Trump invokes the thought of Jose Marti.

Another mistake of the current White House chief is to forget that during the fifteen years that the Cuban revolutionary lived in the United States he realized that no republic of Latin America would be completely free under the wing of the imperial eagle.

Lover and defender of independence, Marti never saw as an emancipating option the annexationists proposal; But on the contrary, he warned about the expansionist intentions of the North American government in the continent.

And of course, in the erratic message of Donald Trump, issued this May 20, could not miss the trite issue of “human rights.”

But what is truly respectful of human rights for the United States?

The human rights issue was hijacked by the US government and its close allies as an instrument of pressure for its policies of global domination.

Cuba conquered more than half a century ago one of the greatest human rights. The small nation achieved full exercise by the people of self-determination in the midst of threats, hostilities and the serious obstacles stemming from the United States’ decades-long blockade.

Most of the Cubans living in the United States, who have defended and claimed a different relationship with Cuba, had our appreciation.

Many of those good Cubans, like those who accompanied Marti, have reiterated that they will multiply their efforts, loyal to the tradition of patriotic emigration that served as support for the true ideals of independence.

President Donald Trump should really seek reliable advice about Cuba’s history so he will not make more mistakes.

The irrefutable truth is that freedom, the full exercise of our rights, social justice and sovereignty, were conquered with the Revolution in January 1, 1959, headed by Fidel Castro, the greatest and genuine Martians of all times .