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Several maritime signs protect navigation around the Cuban archipelago. Some of them date from the colonial period, at that time raised with stone from the quarries, operated and guarded by endowments of “torreros” (Caretakers of the towers)

Likewise, light sources flow from oilseed, whale and olive oils, passing systems fed with oil, kerosene and acetylene until reaching the electricity.

Here is a sample of the most emblematic

The “Morro” Lighthouse

el-morro de noche








Identifies the Cuban capital and distinguishes its port, was first lit at 7.30 pm on July 24, 1845, a century after its opening was electrified. It is center today of a historical-military park and included in the title of Patrimony of the Humanity granted by the UNESCO to Old Havana

The Lighthouse of “San Pedro de la Roca”

In Santiago de Cuba endorses similar recognition to that of his pair in Havana since 1997.

The Lighthouse “Vargas”

vargas 3

A beautiful masonry tower that was illuminated for the first time in 1871 nestled in an area of fishermen you can also find in its surroundings some of the most representative and best preserved Cuban fauna and flora.

The “Maisi” Lighthouse

maisi 2

White tower of 37 meters of height, to which it descends by a system of terraces unique in the Cuban topography. In clear sunrises, the backlit elevations of the Mol de San Nicolas in Haiti can be seen on the horizon for an instant.

The tower of “Lucrecia”

Raised on bare stone cleverly carved, with an octagonal floor base

The “Columbus” Lighthouse

Located in Cayo Sabinal Cay, extensive forest reserve, the access door to its tower rises several meters from the ground and to access it is necessary to save a space that covers a small drawbridge, protection against assailants.

The Lighthouse of “Cayo Paredon Grande”

Located in the renowned Jardines del Rey tourist reserve in Ciego de Avila. The lighthouse illuminates the Old Channel of the Bahamas from its metal structure.

The lighthouse of “Punta Maya”

maya 2

Illuminates the mouth of the deep bay of Matanzas.

The “Colorados” Lighthouse


In the Province of Cienfuegos, it gives light to its port of open waters between two large cay range of the Cuban platform.

The Lighthouse of “Carapachibey”


Visible to 30 miles, marks the limit of the southern coast of the “Isla de la Juventud”, has 56 meters and is the highest of Cuba, there are in its surroundings infinite beaches, renowned diving zones, coasts that fascinate the fishermen cane and archaeological sites of maximum interest.

The “Punta Gobernadora” Lighthouse


Painted with white and red horizontal stripes.

The Lighthouse of “Cayo Jutias”

cayo jutia 2

In the archipelago of “Los Colorados”, whose beach has tourist facilities. It is the only survivor of a generation of metallic headlights of octagonal plant installed in some points of the Cuban coast at the beginning of century XX.

The lighthouse of the Cape of San Antonio


That at nightfall is identified with two flashes every 10 seconds.