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Original post: The New Herald: No source but with master.By Anabel Madiedo Oropeza, a Cuban Internationalist Doctor / La Pupila Asombrada (automatic translation with Google) 

Once again El Nuevo Herald creates articles where it does not cite the source. This is not the first time he has dedicated unpleasant and ambivalent texts to discourage those who read and create an image of desolation, fear and terror, giving a boost to the interests of the monopolies that are behind the natural resources of our brother and Venezuelan people. Happened to affect Cuba.

The author of the text states that a Cuban doctor expressed “anonymously” his opinion. It seems that they want to erase in a stroke with three words ambiguous and full of bad intentions the true essence of Cuban internationalism that from its beginnings, before and after, within the Cuban Revolution has been supported by solidarity and brotherhood among men, the only “Caprice” in all the history of Cubans in Venezuela and the world is to help those who need it even in the worst conditions, at the risk of our own lives, so I can cite the help given to Iraq when each of the Cuban collaborators were in charge of a resource to protect and when they announced bombings each one was carrying out the task of taking care of something like the bullet of liquefied gas for cooking, as did my esteemed retired Puerto Rican nurse and Cuban Carmen Luisa Sánchez Ramos before To go down to the shelter where they put to shelter their lives without ever leaving to work to save human lives in that country, already several decades ago In the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Cuba’s gains with the Venezuelan mission is another very badly focused or rather badly intentional issue in this text, because it raises questions to hurt both countries, why not question how many millions of dollars Cuba has lost because of the brutal , An illegal and genocidal blockade of the different administrations of the United States to the detriment of the relations between our two peoples, and that attempts to render our heroic people a disease.

The phrase used by the writer of the article and supposedly issued by a Cuban professional under anonymity that “We are working under a lot of pressure because the Medical Mission is adored to keep insisting that services are not closed and that we maintain our position here despite everything “We are grateful for it speaks of the essence of our internationalism that is not a tourist trip but a human and revolutionary effort of those committed to their work leave behind their families in Cuba and will honorably fulfill their duty to Price that is necessary.

It follows the poison trail of this text that I reply, wearing off to make accounts of what wins or stops a Cuban collaborator in Venezuela and the terms of their contract of employment with the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, a matter that only concerns Those who are interested in accepting it or not, and who far outweigh the advantages of miserable contracts by doctors and other health professionals from other countries, who are often dismissed without explanation or dependent on the political party that is in power to guarantee a Work, where even basic rights and health care and care for their relatives are not guaranteed. In Cuba, as in our case, all the people and the health, administrative, political and mass institutions attend to the families of our collaborators.

In conditions of overcrowding the poor live in this world that many have no roof to sleep, let alone a salary or a plate of food.

The author of this article in the New Herald forgot to mention that the Cuban collaborators who are in Venezuela and other countries of the world also receive the payment of their salary in Cuba, being benefited with that money their relatives, also forgot to say that those relatives stayed In Cuba with the guarantee of a quiet life, study and free medicine that is also part of the wealth of the Cubans.But, logically, it is not the interest of the enemy journalistic medium to say these truths.

Taking words from the text “The internet is terrible, many times you can not even communicate. We have been forbidden to leave after six in the afternoon, as if we were slave labor and on television transmit news that has nothing to do with what we are living, “it is absurd to say that they appear slave labor, that Was not said by any Cuban who does a mission in Venezuela, that has the fist and the letter of the counterrevolution that is dedicated to say that we are slaves of a dictatorship, because it contradicts with the previous one raised by the same doctor as to the danger that Is running in the convulsed Venezuela for the constant terrorist actions of the opposition, also for many years that security measures have been taken with Cuban collaborators and not only in Venezuela to take care of their lives, that has nothing to do with slavery, I invite the author Of this article to review the concept of the word slave in the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

Other manipulated information in this article refers to the fact that there has been an increase in the exodus of Cuban professionals who “flee” from Venezuela, as if it were something new that for many years there was a brutal policy of brawling and stimulation of illegal exits to the United States And who are now working to ensure that it continues to benefit Cuban professionals, who in the majority of them increase the ranks of workers in basic services in hospitals for very low wages, a country where most of the attendants, nurses, nurses and Workers are doctors or graduates trained in Cuba.

If this article speaks of compensation, then start to compensate Cuba for the dead that has been blocked, for medicines or pacemakers that have not been able to buy in the neighboring country of the north, which is not concerned about compensation or The life of any of us, neither Cubans nor Venezuelans.

He continues to quote the journalist referring to the anonymous interview: “We left Cuba looking for a better life, but in Venezuela we discovered a real hell.” Is not it better to say that the experience of leaving Cuba to carry out a work of infinite love is also a way to improve the lives of Cuban collaborators, their families and their people? What have been places and times even more difficult Such as Ebola combat work by members of the Henry Reeve Brigade or disease risks in Haiti and many others? But that is not the intention of that article, which was released by El Nuevo Herald, Of expression as the champion of his existence.

What I learned in Cuba and I assume by conviction comes from something called Fidel and that taught us that the road to revolution is not a path of roses and that being internationalists is to pay our debt to humanity !!!

Viva Cuba and Venezuela !!

Live Fidel and Chavez !!

Viva la Patria Grande Latinoamericana !!

Anabel Madiedo Oropeza is Cuban Internationalist Doctor in Brazil