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Our Greece is preferable to Greece that is not ours. Jose Marti.

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An Argentine friend told me about an article she had read on a website about the Cuban Electoral System and the Constitution. She approached me with doubts and asked me to read it together because there were affirmations that caught her attention.

As we advanced in the reading his face reflected more dislike, until he told me, Is it ignorance or longing for an electoral system in the style of Western “democracies.”

I do not know, I replied, maybe they are dreaming of Havana full of posters promoting candidates for anyone elected, or wish to adopt the system of Electoral College, made in the USA, where you can rise the precedence with  less number of popular votes achieved.

Dreams or desires, this is harmful, “he said,” because it confuses, it is also seen that whoever the writer has intellectual preparation, that gives credibility and the damage that make their misconceptions is greater.

Pointing to a point on the screen said, there you have, a nonsense, complain about the silence that exists about the possible candidates for President of the Republic of Cuba.

I smiled.

It is necessary to clarify that in Cuba there is no presidential system, therefore, a President of the Republic is not elected.

The Constitution says in Chapter X: Supreme Organs of People’s Power, in Article 69:

“The National Assembly of the People’s is the supreme body of State power. It represents and expresses the sovereign will of the whole people. And specified in Article 70. The National Assembly of People’s Power is the only body with constitutional and legislative power in the Republic. “

In Article 74:

“The National Assembly of People’s Power elects, from among its deputies, the Council of State, composed of a President, a First Vice-President, five Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and twenty-three other members. The President of the Council of State is head of state and head of government. “

Therefore, there is no figure of President of the Republic.

Article 89: “The Council of State is the body of the National Assembly of People’s Power that represents it between one and another session, executes its agreements and fulfills the other functions that the Constitution attributes to it. It has a collegial character and, for national and international purposes, bears the supreme representation of the Cuban State. “

In summary, the State’s management is executed in a collegial manner.

It is clear that as long as the National Assembly does not meet and choose candidates for president of the Council of State, and for the rest of its members, they do not exist, because no one has yet been nominated for those positions.

We continued reading and jumped a wish, apparently unsatisfied: to be able to criticize the government without being confused with those who want capitalism for Cuba.

At that point my friend said, do not they watch TV or do not read the state press?

Because I, as a foreigner, have seen reports that reflect problems caused by bureaucracy, lack of management, indolence, etc., with that they are criticizing the government at the level that corresponds to it and I have not heard from anyone dismissed or qualified as a counterrevolutionary , And I have friends in between.

And he added, if what they want is to criticize the country’s top management directly and without fear, to read what Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote about this and Fidel: “When talking to the people of the street, the conversation recovers the expressiveness and Raw frankness of real affections. They call him: Fidel. They surround him without risk, they treat him, they argue him, they contradict him, they claim him, with a channel of immediate transmission through which the truth circulates to gushing.

That has happened countless times, I said, and there are innumerable who may have done what Garcia Marquez describes and not even the most rancid mercenaries have been able to get a case where one of those people has been arrested or tried, have never been branded enemies.

He asked me: Do you want an authoritative opinion that clarifies many times better than you?

Sure, “I said.

Convinced, he added – then let Fidel speak, “we want a responsible criticism. Despite the possible consequences, everything is better than the absence of criticism. “

Well, let it lighten them completely, “I exclaimed,

“If we call freedom of the press the right of the counter-revolution and the enemies of Cuba to speak and write freely against socialism and against the Revolution, slander, lie and create conditioned reflexes, I would say that we are not in favor of that” freedom “. Book, “A Hundred Hours with Fidel”.

She burst out laughing, a little confused looking at her. He tried to explain: it was that you said that it illuminated them completely and that suggested to me, a light that penetrated them and showed its interior. I looked and understood.

Seriously he asked me, upon something from Marti, he wrote for all time,

What do you think of this ?, To Love: here is the criticism.

With a gesture, he nodded, and looking at me, he reflected. “Fidel said responsible criticism, Marti, defined it as loving, that is, criticizing with love to perfect what is loved, never to harm it, or to give darts to the enemy to hurt and He concluded, he who does otherwise does not criticize, attacks.

For now, he confessed, he envied us.

Why? I asked.

Because ur asking for rights that u already have.

It is true, approve – I almost do not realize that they are clamoring for the right to comment on possible changes in the Electoral Law. Ignorance, the Constitution, in its already mentioned Chapter X in its Article 75. Attributions of the National Assembly of People’s Power:

A) to approve amendments to the Constitution in accordance with the provisions of article 137, b) to approve, modify or repeal the laws and submit them before the public consultation when it deems appropriate in view of the nature of the legislation in question.

Let me remind you that the Law of Laws was passed in a national referendum, and important changes have been made to the people. They claim what they have.

A little to remove mud from my compatriots I argued, the Constitution has many articles and people do not dominate them all. She jumped out of the chair as if driven by a spring.

Do you justify this? Of course not, less in people with that intellectual level, but it is the reality, to help it not happen is that we are writing this article, or not?

For my part I continued reading, so far squeezed my shoulder, notice, another constitutional right that they ignore and this is more reprehensible. How to ask for the right to oppose a corrupt government if one day there were one in Cuba, without being accused of enemies?

They will be awkward, he exclaimed, in that hypothetical case the Revolution would no longer exist, a corrupt government can not be revolutionary.

Clumsiness is not the problem, nor ignorance – I said, the worst thing is to conceive a corrupt government within the Revolution, something that we never know will be allowed, but also, as we are talking about laws and constitution, they should know that to arrive At a time like this, it would have been necessary to violate the Law in its Chapter I. Political, Social and Economic Foundations of the State, Article 1. Cuba is a socialist State of workers, independent and sovereign, organized with all and for the Good of all, as a unitary and democratic republic, for the enjoyment of political freedom, social justice, individual and collective well-being and human solidarity.

Article 3 establishes that all citizens have the right to combat by all means, including armed struggle, when no other remedy is possible, against anyone who attempts to overthrow the political, social and economic order established by this Constitution.

And the Argentine did not give me time to continue writing.

“You say that long before a government that opposes the interests of the people was established, it would have to be fighting, by constitutional right and above all by patriotic duty,” he said.

I conclude, if in their patriot bowels they are, feel free and strong, that to which they aspire already have it. For your peace of mind, the young people, who are the future of our country, will guarantee us, I am sure, a quiet old age in Revolution.

In self-owned people’s, law must be popular. Jose Marti.