Post By @CubanWindow WIF Cubainformacion  (we made a translation  with the main facts that are exposed in the video)

  • The vast majority has been killed by opponents
  • 25 of them were “chavistas” or policemen
  • 2 motorcycles drivers died by the placement of barricades by the opposition
  • 9 electrocuted in the looting of a bakery
  • 3 deaths were caused by police action and several officials have been detained
  • 3 young men were killed with homemade weapons fired at close range that point to selective murders of false flag
  • The media do not show the real violence of the protests and the neo fascist character of many of its participants
  • The president Nicolas Maduro has given orders that in no case the police carry firearms
  • The beatings to people who manifest themselves against violence or to police never appear in the international media
  • The lynching of journalists does not appear either
  • Neither transmit the attack to public centers, government assets, home of “chavistas” and maternal hospitals, doctor’s offices or libraries
  • The media also do not tell us that the violent protests are concentrated in a few middle and upper-class municipalities where the majorities oppose the service of their protests to the local police and even their garbage trucks that scatter the wastes that are then burned in the streets and highways
  • The big media are not interested in spreading these facts
    Its objective is to prepare the public opinion for an intervention in Venezuela as it was in Libya
  • To avoid this, a courageous and solidary preventive mobilization and the denunciation of these vulgar propagandists of violence and terror are necessary.