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In a park at the Vedado Municipality  in the heart of Havana its seating John Lennon. Who passes by his side can not avoid the temptation to take a sit next to him  grab his hand and make a selfie.


The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band arrives to the 50th anniversary and this time Lennon sitting on a bench in a Cuban park will witness the homage that the Cuban rockers want to offer to The Beatles, the band that inspires them.

Quite contrary to what many think the rock movement in the island is strong, with bands whose members already comb gray hair and are a must for the new generations of Cuban rockers.

The concert will then be a great celebration, an opportunity to demonstrate the Cuban cultural wealth, the influence of The Beatles on the island and also an excellent opportunity for thousands of musicians and admirers of the british group to pay tribute to their Idols.

Notes about the concert:

  • Next June 6th
  • Organized by musician and composer X Alfonso and musicologist Guille Vilar.
  • The concert will feature the participation of seven bands of music in addition to the children’s theater company La Colmenita (relate in our blog: They have brought Cuba to us in a bag)