Post By @CubanWindow

The exhibition “Cuban Lenses: Contemporary Cinema and Emerging Filmmakers” will take place on May 31 / 7:00 PM, @ the Juan Carlos I Center of Spain of New York University (NYU).

The event is organized by Bach Media, a company focused on the production and distribution of Cuban cinema on the island and the world.

The works of documentary cut and of strong experimental breath will be projected:

-Casa de la noche, 2016 | Directed by Marcel Beltrán. 13 minutes.

-Conectifai, 2016 | Directed by Zoe Miranda. 16 minutes.

-Abecé, 2013 | Directed by Diana Montero. 15 minutes.

-El hijo del sueño, 2016 | Directed by Alejandro Alonso. 9 minutes.

-Limbo, 2016 | Directed by Rafael Ramírez, 12 minutes.

-Batería, 2016 | Directed by Damian Sainz, 15 minutes.

All recently completed by graduates and current students of the EICTV as part of their course exercises and presented at the recently concluded 16th Young Film Festival of ICAIC.

Following the projections , some of which have participated in important festivals around the world, a conversation will be held with some of its directors, who will comment on issues such as race, emigration, gender and tensions about identity, which are the cornerstones of such proposals.