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Automatically translate from Google / Original Post: An emotional message from Fidel’s grandson By Fidel Antonio Castro Smirnov

Message written in the visitors’ book of the Cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, last March 25, by Dr. Fidel Castro Smirnov, professor at the UCI, grandson of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Dear grandfather:

First of all I want to express to you that this is not a farewell. Together with millions of Cubans, revolutionaries inside and outside Cuba, with your family, as grateful grandson, I will never want to let go the Commander-in-Chief, the father of the Revolution, or the most universal of all Cubans of the 20th century And XXI, neither the guerrilla, nor the close friend, nor the educator, nor the scientist. Nor the creator, nor the companion, nor the undefeated and eternal Fidel, nor my grandfather. You will always be my guide, who inspires me every day and motivates me.

Writing in this book brief ideas, today I fulfill a commitment with the excellent collective of work of Santa Ifigenia, with the companions of the FAR and the battalion of ceremonies. All of them, whom I consider as my family, meet daily with the careful duty to take care of you and pay you well deserved homage. I am very much informed that you continue to be very well cared for and surrounded by love.

At each visit, as you well know, not only I bring the flower and the homage of all those who wanted and could not accompany me; I also join the thousands who come every day to present a deep respect, infinite admiration and special affection. In every visit to this sacred place, I am full of strength to face each new challenge, and one of the main (which is increasingly difficult for me): palliate the indescribable pain that causes me not to shake hands, to not be able to kiss you , To embrace you, to seek and find your look, to accompany you, to share dangers and care, to watch over your dreams, to help you in the possible and impossible, to ask you, to take care of you, to joke and smile together, to toast with you, to attenuate the anxiety of seeing you in every encounter; To read a new reflection on fire, a timely wake-up call, a new and well-deserved check on the adversary; To learn from you, to know from you; To listen to your conspiratorial whisper, your passionate speeches, your memories and illusions, your tender compliments to every modest personal accomplishment that I devoted to you, dedicate and dedicate to you.

These lines constitute a new attempt to embrace and caress written, a new attempt to express ineffable feelings that flow in me since I learned as a child to love you, a frank challenge to the reversibility of the processes to accompany you in your recent journey, a new Conscious attempt to enjoy your presence, to call you, to find you and to find you.

Until the next, until forever,

Hugs you, misses you, kisses you, accompanies you, cares for you, loves you, who does not let go of your hand, your grandson and friend

Fidel Antonio Castro Smirnov

Santiago de Cuba March 25, 2017